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pure, essential, enough


Built on an idea, that finally came in fruition in a small kitchen in Calgary, AB. I always wanted something that would heal my face from the persistent form of acne that plagued me from the early years of 11 years old. My mothers solution to it was to cover it with makeup, so off the the famous pink case lady I went. Makeup (foundation) only covered the spots and made them so much worse. I struggled through junior high and high school to find something that would heal my face and let me be normal again. I cried so many times because of it. I went through so many doctor prescribe facial creams and ACCUTANE, so many OTC remedies and even changed my diet and water intake to hopefully heal myself....but to no avail. My acne would not go away. 

lux + bloom has been a process, a passion of mine for a great number of years. Only when I started to research the things that were supposed to be healing me, only to find that they were keeping me in the same place because that is what the companies wanted them to do. There was no healing, no fixing, just a huge money pit that would never help my skin to correct itself. I made it my mission to find the best things for my body and facial care and compound them and make them into something that could bring my skin back to life. From there sprang lux + bloom. 

Our promise is to deliver happiness and extraordinary service by providing the healthiest and most effective skin care products and treatments. We care about you and your skin health. We feel that everyone should have access to proper nourishing skincare and treatments.

We believe in not only healing your skin but also healing your body, mind and spirit as well. We are proud to introduce a new world of skin care to our clients by offering a truly innovative blend of traditional medical aesthetics combined with the knowledge and values of holistic healthcare and healing. 

lux + bloom was created for everyone. We are striving to make our brand all inclusive for every skin type, whether it be acne prone or aging and mature skin. Our mission is to nourish and protect with our unique list of ingredients.