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Lux & Bloom Blog

An ongoing series of informative entries

We're Making Masks!

25 April 2020

  Good Morning Everyone. What a beautiful Saturday morning to wake up to. Amidst all that's going on in the world, we should all take a second and be thankful. Thankful that we live in a time that scientists and researchers actually have the means to be able to create a vaccine that can help us get back to normal. In light of all the Social Distancing measures lux + bloom is now making masks. These masks are reusable, washable and fashionable. You can message me directly or pay and purchase in the MASK tab. With every mask purchased, we are donating $1 to the Calgary Health Trust to support our frontline workers. Please #stayhome #staysafe and practice some much needed #selfcare.  lux + bloom. x

Our Latest Blog Entry

19 March 2020

 Wow, a lot has happened in the last few weeks. Covid-19 has literally taken over the world. Kids here in Canada are off school. We are being told right now its probably until September. So many things have changed. Social distancing, store and service closures, the toilet paper hoarding. Obviously none of us have ever seen anything like this in our lifetimes, and we need to now band together (separately) to do what we can to beat this thing. Self care is important in this kind of time as everything can affect our mental health. I found as a person who has never really followed the news, is having a hard time staying away from it as this crisis progresses. It definitely takes its toll. Please #stayhome #staysafe and practice some much needed #selfcare.  lux + bloom.x

Our Latest Blog Entry

19 February 2020

Built on an idea, that finally came in fruition in a small kitchen in Calgary, AB. I always wanted something that would heal my face from the persistent form of acne that plagued me from the early years of 11 years old. My mothers solution to it was to cover it with makeup, so off the the famous pink case lady I went. Makeup (foundation) only covered the spots and made them so much worse. I struggled through junior high and high school to find something that would heal my face and let me be normal again. I cried so many times because of it. I went through so many doctor prescribe facial creams and ACCUTANE, so many OTC remedies and even changed my diet and water intake to hopefully heal myself....but to no avail. My acne would not go away.

lux + bloom has been a process, a passion of mine for a great number of years. Only when I started to research the things that were supposed to be healing me, only to find that they were keeping me in the same place because that is what the companies wanted them to do. There was no healing, no fixing, just a huge money pit that would never help my skin to correct itself. I made it my mission to find the best things for my body and facial care and compound them and make them into something that could bring my skin back to life. From there sprang lux + bloom.x

Our Latest Blog Entry

18 February 2020

OMG! So much has happened in the last two months my head is spinning! We have revised our packaging and created 10 beautiful new products and brought those into fruition. This is an exciting time for lux + bloom! I hope that you will follow along with us for tips, tricks and videos in the future to help you with your skincare. Please don't hesitate to contact me at any time regarding questions about products and procedures. x

Our Latest Blog Entry

13 December 2019

You may have noticed some changes to our site. We have changed our name and our look and now are Lux & Bloom, and Base-6 Men. We hope you come back and visit while we are transitioning. Our packaging and our product is improving. We can't help but be so excited! Happy Holidays to you and yours. x