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Lux & bloom 

Coconut Lime Revitalizing Cleanser

All Skin Types

Enjoy this light, refreshing Citrus inspired Gel-Cleanser that sweeps away dirt, oil and impurities without the loss of nutrients vital to healthy balance. This daily use cleanser is aromatic and supremely nourishing, as natural source skin conditioners pamper skin while leaving skin feeling fresh, clarified and hydrated. 

Featured Ingredients:

Arnica Extract, Witch Hazel, Green Tea Extract, White Willowbark Extract

Coconut Lime Revitalizing Cleanser 8oz/250ml

Mandarin Refining Toner

All Skin Types

Restore equilibrium to the skin with this balancing toner powered by anti-oxidants. Infused with flavonoid and saponin-rich botanicals, humectants, anti-oxidants and keep ocean thermal algae which shield cutaneous cells from damage indicted by everyday environments. Your skin will experience a surge in nourishment highly beneficial to skin health and well being.

Featured Ingredients:

Calendula Flower Extract, Grape Skin Extract, Carrot Root Extract, Beta-Carotene

Mandarin Refining Toner 4oz/125ml

Bella Balm Lip Moisture

All Skin Types

Pamper with this protective emollient balm that hydrates and conditions severely dry or chapped lips. Organic Shea Butter, Apricot and Wheat Germ Oil lock in moisture while nourishing and hydrating. Lemon Balm Extract and Peppermint Oil offer a fresh tingly sensory experience while Natural Vanilla pampers lips. An absolute must protective treatment to combat fine lines around the lips or for anyone requiring a moisturizing lip conditioner.

Featured Ingredients:

Lemongrass Oil, Cocoa Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil, Carrot Root Extract

Bella Balm Lip Moisture .5oz

Muru Muru Luminous Eye Serum

All Skin Types / Anti Age / Dehydrated Skin

Experience the secret to Aztec beauty with the restorative properties of this rich eye crème that elevates clarity and youthful vitality in the delicate eye zone. A dynamic botanical complex elevates circulation, minimizes dark circles and supports resilience under and above the eyelid. Soothing Calendula, Seabuckthorn and Organic Sunflower Oil quickly absorb to instantly refresh and boost suppleness and elasticity. A rich nourishing texture makes this crème ideal for those who suffer from dehydration, fine lines and lack of topical suppleness.

Featured Ingredients:

Jojoba Oil, Mango Oil, Shea Butter, Apricot Oil

Muru Muru Luminous Eye Serum 15ml

Pure C+ Vitamin Serum

All Skin Types / Anti Age / Dehydrated Skin

Experience the free radical benefits of this high powered Vitamin C-rich serum that supplies an all-day (or night) hydration boost and protects from environmental aggression. Oxidative stress and compromise the skin barrier but a regimen that contains a high level of topical Vitamin C will help protect the skin from UV, pollution and oxidative stress. This serum offers a highly stable, peptide-enhanced form of Vitamin C, which is ideally suited to those with dehydrated, mature or sun-damaged skin.

Featured Ingredients:

Ascorbic Acid Polypeptide, Ferula Foetida Root Extract, Vitamin A, Rose Hip Extract

Pure C+ Vitamin Serum 30ml

Citrus Smoothing Moisturizer

All Skin Types / Anti Age

Stop aggression in its tracks with this concentrated Vitamin C-rich moisturizer that provides environmental fortification against the elements and free radicals. Nutrient-rich, this crème contains a unique marine derived active which boosts the concentration of triglycerides an the skin, reinforcing resistance from environmental aggression and trans-epidermal loss of water. Tomato and Tangerine Oil, both containing naturally occurring Vitamin C, offer added hydration and nourishment to the skin. 

Feature Ingredients:

Bioflavonoids, Amino Acid Complex, Sea Ferment Extract, Ascorbic Acid Polypeptide

Citrus Smoothing Moisturizer 50ml

Litchi Hydrate & Prime Gel

All Skin Types / Anti Age / Acne Prone

Everyone loves this lightweight gel that offers just the right amount of hydration without a greasy residue. Clarifying nutrients envelope skin in a balancing get that absorbs quickly, with a clear matte finish that minimizes the shine of an oily appearance halfway through the day. Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Salicylic Acid support clarity of tone and optimal radiance. This gel-hydrator is recommended as a daily moisturizer and primer under makeup.

Featured Ingredients:

Kiwi Fruit Water, Arginine, Natural Arbutin, Neem Leaf Extract

Litchi Hydrate & Prime Gel 50ml

Sea Mineral Setting Mist/Toner

All Skin Types 

Experience a unique Mineral-rich Hydrating Spray containing Dead Sea Salts and Organic Seaweed Extract which elevates topical hydration, restores and replenishes equilibrium. This pure fragrance, color and paraben-free pH balanced mist can be used after cleansing to remove impurities or as a pick me up as needed throughout the day. The light spray mist absorbs quickly and is excellent for frequent application or as a spritz over makeup or moisturizers to boost hydration or as a setting spray for makeup.

Feature Ingredients:

Arnica Flower Extract, Algae Extract, Alfalfa Extract, Witch Hazel Extract

Sea Mineral Setting Mist/Toner 4oz/125ml

Kukui Nut Volcanic Scrub​

All Skin Types (except sensitive)

Purify, refine and smooth with this gel-based exfoliating pumice scrub. Infused with nature's finest, this scrub is recommended for those who desire a moderately aggressive scrub to remove and refine skin texture. Precious naturally occurring Fruit Enzymes along with Organic Butter restore the moisture barrier vital to equilibrium within the skin. 

Feature Ingredients:

Pineapple Fruit, Kukui seed oil, Spinach Leaf Extract, Green Tea Extract

KuKui Nut Volcanic Scrub 50ml

Avo-Mango MAs​que

All Skin Types / Anti Age

Mango butter, rich in antioxidants, units with Brazilian Fruit and African Shea Butter to hydrate and restore suppleness to severely moisture deficient skin. This luxuriously rich, buttery mask is bursting with natural-source lipids, such as organic Sunflower, Seabuckthorn and Jojoba oils which envelope the skin in a protective cocoon. Naturally occurring fruit enzymes refine the skin encouraging cellular renewal essential to healthy skin. 

Featured Ingredients:

Seabuckthorn Oil, Mango Fruit, Seaweed Extract, Beta-Carotene

Avo-Mango Masque 50ml





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